Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ready, Set... Woodlands ITT Wednesday May 13th, 2015

Are you ready to start the 2015 season of WNS?

We will kick of this year's Wednesday Night Series with our traditional ~16km ITT on the original NW Woodland course (Highway 1A and Woodland Road).

The course starts just west of Woodland Road and heads west along 1A towards Cochrane. After a few kilometres and just before you start to head down the hill into Cochrane we turn right on to Big Hill Road, around the corner and straight north on Range Road 40. A short time thereafter another right turn onto Twp Road 262 heads you back eastwards towards the finish about a kilometre before you get to Lochend road. It's a short ride back to the start from there.

The first rider will start at 6:30 PM. The race organizer (Peter) will be there at ~5:30 for and introductory to WNS for anyone new and interested in joining in on the fun.   Remember, you must be a Crankmasters primary or secondary member to race.

This will be a full aero TT. You are encouraged to use your TT/Tri bike, skin suit, aero wheels & helmets, but if you insist on a road bike, that's okay too. The course is mainly straight and flat with a couple of rollers.  We can use a few volunteers to help with this race.

Volunteer by clicking here.  <=== Do it now!

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