Saturday, May 23, 2015

Series 1 Week 3 - Nepalese Road Race

Well lets all hope that this amazing weather window keeps open for all of us. This next week is going to be a another chance to experience what the South West has to offer. I am sharing with all of you one of my 'secret loops' of the area so hopefully you all enjoy it as much as I do.

This is an enjoyable ride and made even more enjoyable by the insertion of a 1.4 km 'mini gravel grinder' about 13km's into the ride. Don't fret everyone this is very 'rideable' gravel and will give everyone a chance to practice 'neutral riding' and get a little bit of a rest before we head onto 549 and even more hills.

On Strava? I am so feel free to click here to get into the competition or ride the route ahead of time if you want. You will need to be a member to view the course.

Park at the 37st & 22x bike parking lot or the road side parking in the same area. There is no parking at the race start so enjoy the 6.7 km warm-up ride on the way down. PLEASE don't try and find any parking closer to the race start and risk our chance of ticking off the home owners in the area.

Note: When riding down to start don't use 24th street as there is currently road work on there. Unless you want to do an additional 3 km of 'gravel grinding'.


  • To keep things safe for the riders it would be great if we could have at least 4 volunteers.... more would even be better.
  • If you are a non-cycling volunteer or just want to drive your car you can park at the race start at 226ave & 80st SW as there is a few extra spots to take before you head off to your assigned spots.

Volunteer Click Here

Starts at 6:00 pm just slightly south from the corner of 226ave and 80st SW (range road 15)

Race start:
Starts right at 6:30 pm just slightly south from the corner of 226ave and 80st SW (range road 15)

Getting there: Ride south on 37st and turn left on 226ave at 4 way stop sign. Ride to 80st (aka 24st)

This will be a mass start race per category

Cat A mens will start followed by Cat B, then C. Womens B and C will start together, but will be awarded points based on time/category. This will be adjusted as necessary depending upon who shows up.

After finish line: 
Racers please circle back to the finish line and let the timekeeper know who placed where. It's sometime difficult to catch all riders numbers as they pile to the finish line.

The Course: 
Totals about 33.3 km over rolling and hilly terrain.

Points of interest:

  • There is a stop sign @ 11 km. There is very little traffic in the area but hope to have a volunteer there to monitor things. 
  • A 1.4 km gravel section starting at about kilometre 13 on the course. Rideable gravel, but just ride neutral through this area and look out for each others safety.
  • Turning onto highway 549. Plan to have a volunteer there but make sure you remember this is not a closed course race and volunteers cannot be expected to control highway traffic.... only warn you of on coming traffic to look for. Slowing down or stopping is worth riding another day!
  • Finish line is an uphill finish at a pull-out on the right hand side and is about 100m away from the stop sign and turn onto 37st headed north. Remember to keep an eye out for traffic!

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