Monday, May 4, 2015

WNS Starts May 13th! Are you ready?

Planning is underway for 15 exciting races.  It all starts on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. 

We're starting off this year with an ITT at the corner of Woodland Road and Highway 1A in the NW.  Remember to keep looking at this blog for updates, or, you can sign up and follow us on Twitter under @WNSRace.   You never know what weather conditions we're going to have.

Just a recap on the rules....

You must be a member of Cranmasters Cycling Club, or be a secondary member.  There are no exceptions.  No ABA license required.  (Corrected)

WNS is intended for safe racing, honing your race skills and of course having fun.  You sign up for the race 30 minutes prior to the posted race time.   We have a point system, geared to promote participation and volunteering. Points are awarded based on placement, or even bonus points at the discretion of the race organizer. Points are tallied with cash prizes awarded at the Crankmasters banquet event.

Point system:

15  First place
12  Second
10  Third
9  Fourth
8 Fifth
7 Seventh
6 Eighth
5 Nine and below

5 Points minimum for just showing up.
Add 5 points extra points for bringing a volunteer!

Watch for the May 13th race details comming soon. While you're waiting, sign up for a Twitter account and follow us at @WNSRace.  We'll use Twitter for real-time updates or race cancellations.


Aplatten said...

Hi peter, just a question, do you need to have an ABA license separate from c4 membership?

Peter Heinemeyer said...

You are correct. No ABA license required. This is considered a club race.

Thanks for spotting this!