Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beeeeeyooooootiful Night!

Weather great...course good...legs ready...Allez! The second Merckx TT of our series went tonight and all riders seemed on (with the exception of Trev who had HAMMERED an unnatural 2:09 90k at Great White North last Sunday). Some guys were missing the TT gear though (I'm looking at you Mark) but the race itself was a true test of metal. New this time was the 1km to go dead skunk marker that I can't guarantee will be there next time and if it is I would suggest strongly that it be avoided. Anyway, on to the results...

1 Alex Shaw Speed Theory A 23:23
2 Stephen Kenney Speed Theory A 23:54
3 Rod MacAlister Speed Theory A 24:25
4 Cody Godlonton Highwood A 24:42
5 Paul Rosenberg C4 B 24:55
6 Lachlan Holmes Speed Theory A 25:29
7 Rick Courtney C4 B 25:54
8 Darcy Gullacher Bicisport A 26:42
9 Trev Williams Speed Theory A 26:55
9 Michael Healy Speed Theory B 26:55
11 Brian Beaulieu C4 B 27:38
12 Norm Smith C4 C 27:51
13 Mark Perry C4 B 28:02
14 David Morgantini C4 C 28:23
V Brad Barron C4 C V

Big thanks to Brad for handling the turnaround! We'll be back at the Priddis meeting spot next Wednesday for a second crack at the team race format and hopefully it will be as exciting as last time. See ya then.

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