Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Final TT: Return to Dunbow

Well, back to where we started this whole thing with a final standard TT. Despite the threatening weather it was quite a pleasant night and we avoided the rain until after the last rider made it in. With swirly up and down winds, it was a certainly a challenge. Even more so for the two unfortunate victims of flat tires out there, it doesn't really help the time out. ANyway, good job and hopefully you've had some good TT practice over the series. On with the results....

1 Rod MacAlister Speed Theory A 23:29
2 Michael Healy Speed Theory B 25:45
3 Brian Beaulieu C4 B 25:57
4 Robert Armstrong C4 B 26:23
5 Lachlan Holmes Speed Theory A 29:39
6 David Morgantini C4 C 35:42
V Jacek Kasprzyk C4 A V

You can probably guess who had the flats. Of note, Rod's time was the fourth fastest we've seen on this course and close to the 22:59 course record which was set by Ryan Barr in the very first week. Special thanks to Jacek who was the turnaround volunteer and helped with one of the flats. Thanks to all who came out.

Next week is the finale back at the Priddis location (22 and 22X) and we'll start with a ~2km prologue TT, a 1 lap RR, and a final ~9km TT, all Merckx style. Bonus points are on offer and I'll update the standing later this week going in to it. We hope to start at 6:30 and it should be a blast.

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