Thursday, July 17, 2008

Team Racing Redux

Back at it again. The weather held off and actually was quite a pleasant evening with a couple of new faces and many of the usual suspects. Ten riders toed the line and to keep things interesting I split them into three teams lead by Rod MacAlister (orange), Jeff Bell (yellow), and Darcy Gullacher (pink). The goal was for the captains to get 2 of their riders across the line first and the score would be the sum of the places (excluding the captains) with the low score winning. Make sense? I hope so. This time around the race was a little more 'attacky' if I can make up a word and it was quite entertaining to watch. The monkey wrench was a couple of flats which we haven't seen this year which really impacted the boys in pink. However, Yuri Lipkov rode off the front near the end to take the first finish for pink, followed by Rick Courtney for orange, Paul Rosenberg for Yellow, and David Mongantini held on for fourth across. It's all about the second riders though and in the end the final tally was...

1st Orange with 6 points
Rod MacAlister (cap'n)
Rick Courtney
David Morgantini
Willy Vansevenant

2nd Pink with 8 points
Darcy Gullacher (cap'n)
Yuri Lipkov
Neal Stoughton

3rd Yellow with 9 points
Jeff Bell (cap'n)
Paul Rosenberg
Norm Smith

All in all it was a good fun night, and I look forward to using that format again next year. I can't forget to mention my loyal volunteers for the evening which included Iron Lev Krivitsky, Brian The Hammer Beaulieu, and Rob Marathon Man Armstrong. Thanks all, it ran so smoothly.
Next week is a standard TT back at Dunbow and the following week will be the finale on this course again. I have figured out a couple of details and I can say that it will start at 6:30 at the Priddis Meething Spot with a 2ish km prologue up the hill on 22X towards town, a 1 lap road race, and a 10ish km TT from near the road race finish back to the meeting spot. As we'll be doing this on the fly, Merckx rules will be in effect. I ain't supposed to be easy. I'll time each portion and the winner will be low aggregate time. See you next week at Dunbow.

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