Thursday, July 3, 2008

Very Interesting.

And a bucket of pain. The Australian pursuit is a nasty little race emphasising hard team work and road awareness as the rabbits try not to get eaten and the hounds look for a little snack. Such was the case last night where we tried the format and for the most part it went really quite well. The goal is for the chasers to catch the lead group just before the finish and that's hard to do over a 55km course with mixed groups. It worked last night though. The riders were split into two groups with Rod, Baguette, Lachlan, and Chris as the designated chasers. The gap was seven minutes and the mission was clear. What ensued was a neat little chase where we could see the time coming down but it was going to be tight. And it was. Three rabbits and three hounds were on the final hill almost together with the rabbits running off to victory by the slimest of margins. Andrew Wolaniuk lead Richard Vervoort and Willy Vansevent over the line for the win by seconds with the Big Baguette and crew 27 seconds later. Good job to everyone involved, it was really neat to watch and big thanks to Brian Beaulieu for the help out on the course. The final tally...
1 Andrew Wolaniuk Bow A 0
2 Richard Vervoort Highwood B 0:06
3 Willy Vansevenant Highwood C 0:09
4 Stephen Kenney Speed Theory A 0:36
5 Rod MacAlister Speed Theory A st
6 Chris Lee C4 B st
7 Lachlan Holmes Speed Theory A 6:03
8 Michael Healy Speed Theory B 7:28
9 Norm Smith C4 C 8:10
DNF Patrick Brick C4 B -
DNF David Morgantini C4 C -
V Brian Beaulieu C4 B V

Next week we are back to Dunbow for the second Merckx TT.

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Chris said...

Your calculations went really well Jamie, what a great mathematician! Except I was damaged by Stephen and Rod's pulling, going to be in a wheelchair for a week...