Monday, June 22, 2009

Bragg Creek gets a second try!

Slight change in schedule but as we've missed two road races so far and I really want to use this course I think we'll give the Bragg Creek RR another try. So this Wednesday the 24th at 6:30 we'll give it another go. Details are the same as before and we'' get going shortly after 6:30 or so to give guys a chance to get out there. I can't promise great weather although it looks good so far and I'll start sacrificing weathermen if it starts to look bad so let's all hope it stays good.

We'll meet where Range Road 51 and Highway 66 meet just west of 22. This is on the back way out of Bragg Creek near the Provincial Park. People can park in Bragg Creek, at the school on 22, or at the Provincial Park and enjoy a nice easy warmup out to the meeting spot.

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From the meeting spot we'll race westward into the majesty of the mountains and up and down a few hills and all that. We'll arrange turnarounds and race lengths when we get an idea of who is coming out but there will be multiple options so everybody will be able to race. The courses will go straight out and back along 66.

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There is one issue with the course that I do need to mention and that is the 'Texas gates' that are found near the start and the end of the course. I believe there are two heading each way. Now I rode them with no problems on the weekend and I think the soluntion is for everyone to just take their time and neutralize the racing over them. There are also some significant but not insurmountable hills along the way but I want everyone to spread out and take it easy on the descents.

It is a scenic and beautiful course so I am hoping to get a couple of volunteers for the evening to handle the turnarounds. It is a short job, you get to see the race, and a great way to help out.

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Sagewood said...


Nice call Jamie. This will be a ton of fun.

See you there.