Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick Race Report.....

Most excellent evening and a great course. Challenging to say the least but the flatter parts on the way home provided much excitement indeed. With 17 hardy souls and 4 great volunteers we split the riders into 2 groups, some by choice and some by coersion. We had the A or Big Boy Race that went all the way to the end of the road and totalled 50.5km or so and the Hammerin' B Race that went 43km or so and turned around at the summit of the big climb. I let the As go a couple of minutes ahead of the Bs to keep things interesting. Much suffering was to be had as the climbs took their toll on the groups that had formed but everyone looked impressive as they approached their turnarounds. Line honours went to Norm Smith by the slimmest of margins over Willy Vansevenant and Mike Healy in a closely grouped B race. The As were lead by Simon Williams with Rick Courtney and Cody Godlonton chasing all the way. I'll put full results up later when I get a chance to get them entered. Of course I want to thank the volunteers that make this thing go and tonight were Brett Stamm, Darren Nielson, Mark Perry, and Rob Armstrong. Thanks to all for making the trek out to Bragg Creek and it really is a most excellent course that I'll definitely use again. Next week were lining up the Red Deer Lake Road Race from the Priddis meeting spot at 22 and 22X and since its a holiday, we'll aim for a 1pm start. Details to come in the following days but lets just say that it looks like another fine course and should prove to be a great race.

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