Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Race Report, by B Team 2 Leader Mark Shand

We all knew that it was going to be an intense evening of racing when Simon set a blistering pace (Simon was talking like it was a Sunday ride, while I had to catch my breath between each word) and Lockie laid down an attack on the warm-up lap. After some quick calculations, the race teams were announced based on our blistering TT times (some course records were apparently set). Jared tried to slip into the B event by hoping that Trev would not notice a calculation error, but this was quickly protested.

The B event pitted Team Orange, led by Marilyn, versus Team Purple, led by Mike H and Team Pink led by me (yes, ha ha, team pink ... yes I know ... I am okay with it since I already shave my legs). Props to Rui for attacking on the first hill of the first lap ... not once, but twice. The second lap team lead sprint saw Mike with a huge lead, followed by myself and then Marilyn. On the final lap Marilyn started talking smack (I don't know why???), especially when she gathered up enough riders to lay down the hurt and win the race. I must note that even though team Orange won the event, Team Pink was the first team to have all five racers cross the line (am I grasping at straws here). In the end Team Orange took the evening with 12 points, closely followed by Team Pink and Team Purple, both with 11 points. Thanks to all of my Pink teammates for putting in such a great effort (along with all of the other racers). It was definitely competitive, but a tonne of fun.

Looking forward to hearing a recap of the A event.

Thanks to Trev, Kyle, Mike, Kaille and Thomas for volunteering (sorry if I missed someone). Trev, you put together a killer evening!

P.S. Rui, we both know who has bragging rights at this point ... even if your team won the race. ;)

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poonworks said...

that was fun ! thanks again !
good for us posers who 'aspire'
to be faster !

clarence poon