Sunday, May 31, 2009

June 3rd Race. Hosted by Speed Theorists.

For the first time in the history of C4 action, another club will host the mayhem. Kyle Marcotte, Kaille Boyle, Mike Healy, Thomas Yip,and I will be the volunteers on the night. We will do a practise loop of the course, since it is a new one for everyone and we don't want any mishaps. We will start the warmup loop EXACTLY at 6:30pm. We will then converge on the corner of BearsPaw Road and Nagway Road.

We will go through the rules of the day, depending on who shows up.

The loop is 8km, and very rolly.

Here is the course we will do twice. It is a technical ITT since there are lots and lots of corners and it is very rolly. Pacing will be key so you don't blow up on the second lap:


Dan said...


What is the plan for this race, a road race or TT?

I love that area, not sure about the snotty rich guys in their Infiniti's and Porches driving around us with us laying waste in their subdivision though.


Steve P said...

Oooohh, this looks fun. RR or TT?

Trev said...

It will be a RR. But it will be in a format similar to the one Jamie set up last year where we are in teams of approx 5 and you need to use team tactics to try to make a separation, since it is your 4th guy across the line that counts. Last year it was great since the strong dudes had to learn how to work over there counterparts, while the less-strong dudes really needed to learn how to draft effectively, and use their attack and recovery really well.