Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Merckx Race Tonight

Batter up! We're looking good for tonight and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Please try and arrive by about 6:30 so that we can get the first rider off at 7. Wear your woolies as it will no doubt be a little brisk but you're not made of sugar so let's ride. I will only really cancel it if there is serious snow, lightning, hammering rain, a plague of locusts, or an asteroid strike. Please remember to sign up with Karelo before the race if you can as it facilitates our end of things immensely. I am also still looking for 3 or so volunteers so bring a helper (victim) and I'll put them to use. See you tomorrow!


David said...

If you don't have enough volunteers I'll cover for one. I'm still recovering from the weekend.

Trev said...

Me too Jamie. I won't race if you are low on Volunteers.