Monday, May 18, 2009

First Road Race this Wednesday.

Since we use the format of alternating TTs and RRs then it must be time for a Road Race and a Road Race we will have. Starting easy this year we'll be heading back to the Millarville course that we used so effectively last year. The meeting spot is the Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) at the junction of highways 22 and 22X. Racing should commence a little bit after 6:30 so try and be there between 6:00 and about 6:20.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map
We will begin to split into three different groups for these races based upon experience and ability so think about what you think would be best for you. I do have an idea from the first TT but have found that TT results are not always an indicator of RR category. We'll give it a try on Wednesday. The race starts at the meeting spot, races south along 22 before turning right on 549 towards Millarville. We then turn North along Range Road 33 and right again on Plummers Road following that back towards 22 where we either turn South for another lap or finish just before we hit 22.

View Priddis Meeting Spot (PMS) in a larger map
As usual, I'm looking for at least two volunteers to help with the turns. It's a great way to see the race and a valuable service to keep the series running. I can use anybody, no experience required. I'll keep an eye on the weather but it looks OK at this point and we'll go in anything as long as it's still safe.
See ya Wednesday.


Richard said...

What time is the start?

Spirogeek said...

We like to start at about 6:30 or maybe a little bit after if people are slow showing up.

David said...

6:30 is tough but I'll do my best.