Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're back on the wagon...

...and the crazy bus but that's another sotry. We're back this week with a standard TT at our Dunbow road location. The start area is just east of Deerfoot trail along Dunbow Road and roughly across from Heritage Pointe. In a standard TT you can ride all the TT gear you can afford, steal, or better yet create. You can also ride your road bike.

View Dunbow Meeting Spot (DMS) in a larger map
Please try and spread the parking out or even better ride out to the start as we're trying to minimize the impact on the local population.
The course runs straight east out and back and the road condition is good but there is a bit of gravel on the shoulder as is almost always the case this time of year

View Dunbow Meeting Spot (DMS) in a larger map
Your host for the evening will be Crankmaster el Presidente Randy Szasz. Sign on starts at 6pm with the first racer off sometime about 6:30. Remember to shout your number at the finish as we're terrible guessers and we might just start making things up. We'll also need just 2 additional volunteers this time, one for the turnaround and one for the start or finish. It will be a nice night so I heartily encourage dragging out a freind, neighbour, or helpful hobo. See ya Wednesday.

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