Monday, June 8, 2009

Next up ... 2up TT!

Quick version ... 2up TT in Springbank at 6:30 this Wednesday the 10th of June. Longer version ... we'll take two of you, make you into friends, and unleash you on this slightly technical and definitely challenging TT course right in our backyard. We'll meet in a corner of the parking lot at the Springbank arena starting at 6pm and get the racing underway right around 6:30.

View Springbank Meeting Spot in a larger map

It's a bit of a challenge fitting a course into a space like this, especially given the road conditions and the need for a good shoulder so it has lead to this kind of configuartion and it takes a bit of explaining and a few good volunteers. The course starts eastbound on Springbank Road heading back towards Calgary. A right turn not that far along onto Range Road 32 takes you due South all the way past Lower Springbank Road to a big turnaround at the end of the road as you approach the river. It's pretty easy to see as beyond that there ain't no road. Back up Range Road 32 to Springbank Road and a right turn taking you east again towards Calgary. You then turn right on Horizon View Road for a quick jaunt to Lower Springbank Road where you turn right and head out west along Lower Springbank. Finally, a turn north on to Range Road 32 again and the finish along 32 a short time later. Lots of twists and turns but these roads should be familiar to almost everybody.

With all the turns and the more developed nature of a lot of these roads I will by trying to round up 5 of 6 volunteers for this so bring out a friend, relative, or relative you are friends with and we'll put them to work. It will be a nice pleasant evening and we're not far from town so I'd really appreciate it if I can get anough hands to make this unique course work. Other than that, it's a standard TT so anything goes and just remember to be like Astar and play safe.


Sagewood said...

Jamie - What do you figure the length of this course is?


Spirogeek said...

Probably should have mentioned that but we're running our standard 10 mile/16 km TT length here.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I should be out to volunteer. Legs still a little sore to race.

Spirogeek said...

I'd appreciate it, thanks. With all the turns I need a few.

Darryl said...

I can stand on the road and point too.

Darcy G said...


I'm not up to racing tonight, but I'll gladly stand at a corner.


Darren said...

Jamie if you still need a volunteer for tonights c4 race I can help out ?