Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9th Results

Thirteen hard core racers showed up for the 4.5 km hillclimb. We even had Jared and Frank ride all the way from the city through a thunderstorm to get to the relatively dry but cold south. The format was each racer to take on the hillclimb twice with points being awarded for the fastest time and the most consistent times. Everyone had a faster time on their second run, except of course for Jared and Frank who laid it all out on their first try, they had the advantage of being warmed up from their ride from the city. Thanks to Willy Vansevenant and Tom Kenny for volunteering.
I think everyone liked the format and we could do something similar again, although using a hill closer to town would be much better. Any other feedback welcome.


Brad said...

Mike, great Wednesday night venue.
You nailed the weather and the course.
Brad B

Robert said...

I thought that was fun and the hill was great.

Rob W