Monday, June 14, 2010

Series I is done!!! Congrats.... everybody that raced and made it as close as it was.
The top 5 are listed on the right side of the blog and reflect the points at the end of the first 5 week series.
The As were lead faily handily by Harley Borlee with a close race behind with honours falling to Clarke Ellis, Rick Courtney, Dan Sigouin, and Joel Goralski.
The Bs was as close as it gets with Tom Kenney taking the win over Carlos Bonilla based sole on ITT placing as they tied in points. Third was Rob Welch with Ron Feill and Dale Hildebrand rounding out the top five.
The Cs were interesting with Karel Bergmann hammering out the win well clear of the tight race for second where again Clarence Poon edged Brad Barron out based on ITT placing as there was another tie. Not to be missed were Kailee Boyle and Emilie Langevin in fourth and fifth and close behind.
With that, we'll clean the slate and reload for the second five race series beginning with a road race this Wednesday.
In addition, there will be prizes, buckets of prizes, in August where we will celebrate the champions for each of the three series that make up the overall C4 Wednesday Night Series.

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