Monday, June 14, 2010

Teaming it up...

The first team RR of the year will be this Wednesday the 14th with meeting at 6:30 and racing after we get things sorted out. I know there has been some concern regarding the traffic in getting to the South and that the timeline has been tight so in recognition of the wonderful day length that this latitude offers we will look to starting a bit after 6:30 in order to accomodate those who might struggle to get there on time.
The race format will be the ever popular team race. In this, we divide the riders into a fairly evenly mixed few teams and assign them the task of getting the bulk of their team over the line before the other teams. In other words, it's not which team can get one rider over first but rather who can get the rest of their riders over before the other teams. Clear as mud. We've run these before and they have proven quite popular and a great excercise in working together, communication, and tactics as the teams work amongst themselves and against the other teams. We'll set the number of riders on a team and the number of teams once we get an idea of the total number of riders that we'll have out for the evening. This is a race for everyone, regardless of ability, and a great experience.
We will meet again at the Priddis meeting spot at the corner of 22 and 22X as we did a couple of weeks ago BUT for a slightly different course. I've always looked to trying to get on Range Road 30 for a race but was hampered by construction the last two years. This year however, Mark Perry is reporting that it's free and clear so we'll run a clockwise square along 22X, south on Range Road 30, west on 274 avenue, and finally north on 22. I'm guessing we'll run it twice for about a 45km experience that isn't quite as flat as one might suspect.

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Of course, we could use another volunteer to make it a go so if you feel like just watching or know somebody that would, we'll put you to work.
Sorry for the delay in getting this out, I was in Osoyoos for the last 10 days riding, golfing, and avoiding landslides.


AlanO said...

I will be available to volunteer

Spirogeek said...

Great. Hope the weather holds off.