Thursday, June 3, 2010

Millarville Madness

We just about answered the question of how many cars you can fit in that meeting spot. The number is ... lots. What an excellent turnout, good weather, and lots of full on, hard charging, strategic racing.
The A's were brought home by Trev Williams in hos 2010 WNS debut followed by Harley Borlee and Bryon Howard who emerged from the splintered group to claim the rest of the podium. B's were lead by Rob Welch who was chased in by Mike Hoang and Mike Waldhuber in another split up group. C's had quite a tactical race with Clarence poon nipping Karel Bergmann and Carl Lepointe at the end. Good racing all and I'm sure there are lots of stories there. Special mention to Lachlan Holmes who joined the race in progress (early) and put on the hurt.
Thanks to my faithful volunteers Mark Perry and Willy Vansevenant who were instrumental in getting the race off without a hitch. Keep the volunteers coming out we could always use a couple more. In fact we did have a couple of riders who missed a turn we were not able to man and they turned their day from a 29km race to a 70km ride. Nice night for it though.
I did hear that there were some traffic problems in Calgary and that it could be a struggle to get out there for 6:30. While we can't change the time fundamentally we'll endeavour to try and hold back the racing in those cases as the days lengthen. As it was, it was pretty much dark by the time we rescued the last lost rider.
We did see quite a few new faces this time and we hope that everyone keeps coming out. We also ask that people do make sure that they are at least secondary members to participate and keep this as a club race. I do take it on faith that you're all signed up but there is an audit process and I do get warned. Easy to do via Karelo with details on the main Crankmaster's page (
I'm off to the sunny southern Okanagan for my annual bike camp for the next while so Mike Healy and Speed Theory have stepped up and will be your hosts next week. I've seen what they want to do and as usual, it sounds interesting.

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Joel said...

Totally appreciate this WNS. You guys do a great job at putting it on and we appreciate the effort. Had a great time yesterday! Joel