Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go go Gadget quads ...

... and the records were pounded into submission. Not one of them, all of them and not by a single assailant but by many. A veritable gang of perps. Capitilizing on the great conditions and dodging the mother of all thunderstorms (passing safely to the West) 27 usual suspects showed up to get some racing in at the penultimate race of our 2010 Wednesday Night Series. With points and prizes on the line there was a little incentive to just give 'er and the racers did. I suspect pretty much everyone was looking at a PB and in each category new records were set with 9 total racers besting the old times across the categories.
In the As it was Frank Wolstencroft nipped by 2 seconds by Jared Green, our new record holder on the Woodland course. That's about 2 Wheeties worth in my books. Rick Courtney broke the record early and hung on for third a few seconds behind. Tom Kenney settled his argument with himself and cruised to a new record for the Bs. Karel Bergmann and Rob Armstrong also bested the old record for second and third respectively. Brad Barron did get those last two Wheeties in and edged Carl by 2 seconds for a new course record for the Cs. Mike Harrington was also under the old record for third.

Many thanks to those that came out and especially to uber-Volunteer Darlene for helping to get the race off without a hitch. Next week will be our ever popular micro stage race at the Priddis meeting spot (Hwy22 and 22x). Prologue, road race, time trial in one maniacal evening. I have updated the points and it looks like there is a lot to ride for. Each stage has bonus points for the top three so nothing is impossible. Well, some things are impossible but who really wants to see Tom Cruise in high heels and a lab coat riding a flaming shark in rollerskates down Fifth Avenue while irate Panamanian accountants pelt him with gravy boats.

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