Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm back and the accounting is done...

Series II wrapped up while I was away so after sifting through the results and making a few adjustments here and there we've tabulated the final standings.

For the As, consistent high finishes allowed Carlos Bonilla to run away with it, followed by Harley Borlee and Trev Williams of Speed Theory who made the most of their appearances. Props to Cody Godlonton of Highwood and Dominic Jutras for rounding out the top five.

In the tight B contest, Karel Bergmann of C4 edged out Tom Kenney by a single point with Paul Rosenberg just behind in third. Andrew Paul and Kailee Boyle finished fourth and fifth respectively.

A lookback at TT results was needed for the Cs to resolve the points tie between Willy VanSevenant and Clarence Poon in the C division with Clarence just literally edging Willy out for the win. Andy Hill just topped Shawna Donaldson and Mark Perry for the rest of the top five spots.

I have also done the mathemagics on the third series as we're at the halfway point (4 races) and I've updated the standing at the right of the page. I have yet to finalize the details for the final stage but as we've done before, bonus points are definitely on line. This week will also include bonus points for record times so bring it on Wednesday.


Mike said...

Just a note that you accidentally gave the Cat C win to a B on July 28. I believe I've lost my pro contract due to that error. Carl too.

Spirogeek said...

I did dutifully copy the results from the organizer that night but in my points total I allocated full points to you and second points to Carl, third points to Clarence, etc. I do adjust the point table for riders that race out of category. Bonus for up and maybe a little less for down. July 28 is part of the third part of the series and your pro contract is still in reach :).