Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Night Construction

An unexpected road construction job could not spoil the fun tonight. A contingency plan for the race was quickly put together and with help from our excellent volunteers – Darlene, Shawna, Darryl and Fast Legs Frank, we were able to run a safe and “fun” (as long as you were a volunteer) race. The A and B group still managed about 2000 feet and the C about 1000 feet of climbing. Tom registered 11% grade at some point. One of the locals pointed out we should not be too far away from our vehicles because of the cougars but I think he was just trying to discourage the city slickers in carbon and spandex from frequenting his playground. It was a perfect evening for racing. Tanya showed up in her Provincial jersey - very nice.

1 Carlos Bonilla
2 Rick Courtney
3 Joel Goralski
4 Jared Green
5 Jeff Bell
6 Cody Godlonton - flat

1 Dale Hildebrand
2 Callum Galbraith
3 Tom Kenny
4 Andrew Paul
5 Tanya Hopping

1 Karl Bergman
2 Carl Lepointe
3 Mike Hoang*
4 Willy VanSevenant
5 Lev Krivitsky
6 Brad Barron
7 Clarence Poon - flat

*started with the A group.

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Tom K said...

That was a great course regardless of the construction. Thanks Mike, my legs are in re-hab as I type.