Thursday, August 19, 2010

... Well, that was quite cool ...

... what a great evening of racing. Let me start of by saying how much fun it was to help out with and to watch the racing not only last night but all season long. Last night was perfect weather, great scenery and a fitting way to end the series for 2010.
Now on to the eagerly awaited results. The number crunchers have poured over the results, added the seconds, and carried the ones to put it all together.
The As were truly locked in mortal battle. Back and forth and back again. In the end it was Jared Green prevailing with a win in the road race that made the difference ahead of Cody Godlonton who finsehed overall just 6 seconds back. Third was Stuart Black who lurked in the first two events and brought home a win in the final TT. Watch out for that kid. And in fourth just behind was the prologue winner Joel Goralski.
In the B category, consistency paid off for Callum Galbraith as wins in the prologue and TT put him ahead of another steady rider in Karel Bergmann. Third just 10 seconds behind Karel was Tom Kenney ahead of Mike Hoang who triumphed in the road race. Of note, Dale Hildebrand was right in the mix until he managed to actually tear his handlebar in half with his effort. I'm not sure what he eats but I could use some of that raw power.
In the Cs, prologue winner Mike Harrington suffered a terminal flat tire and called it a day so it was up to Willy Vansevenant to steadily plug away (and win the final TT by 19 seconds),ekeing out a 14 second win over Carl Lepointe with road race winner Clarence Poon coming in third.

All in all, it was a great evening and huge props to our fearless volunteers, Bill Harvey, super volunteer Darlene and her daughter Shaughny, Ania Bergmann, and Marshall Netherwood qho all helped at corners and the finished getting the places and times right. Thanks again.
That's a wrap for 2010 as far as the racing goes but not the end of the story. We'll be holding a little wrap-up evening sometime around the third week of September where we'll invite one and all to come out, celebrate, and distribute a little loot to the winners. See ya then.

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