Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Check out the temperature shift !?!?!

Mike Healy about to crush

Guys, here is my Garmin file from tonight. Holy cow... check out the temperature plot near the bottom... wonder my fingers stung at the end and everyone just rode through the finish line and kept going !!

Great to see so many people out tonight. 41 !! That is awesome.  Really looking forward to this series this year.

David Baker crushing


Peter McCrory said...

No kidding, that was baltic out there!! Glad I just wore my shorts!! NOT!! lol!

David B said...

Thanks for the positive reinforcement Trev, but I believe the correct term would be "being crushed"..:)
Thanks to the volunteers for sticking it out!

Marc said...

Dont know how you did it with the disc Trev... 45 degrees.

I love the speed coming down the hill after the turn around... 8mph going into the wind!