Friday, May 4, 2012

Cue the Valkyries ....

.... it's go time.  Although when we ride, the devastation should only be to our quads.  It is time to start the Wednesday Night Series for 2012. 
Series 1, Race 1:  6:30pm, Wednesday May 9th, 2012,  Standard TT, Woodland Road Course.
Details:  There is some parking near the start of  the race located on the gravel sideroad parallel to highway 1A.  However, we encourage those who can to park in town, or near bearspaw Road and ride to the start.  Spreading out the cars helps with community relations.

We will endeavour to try and start at 6:30pm ish so please try and get there early enough to get signed up and assigned a start number.  Repeat after me ..."This is my number. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.  Without me, my number is useless. Without my number, I am useless."  So, your starting number will represent not only your starting order, but your identification number so remember to shout it out at the end so we can record your time.
This is a standard time trial, so aero gear is encouraged but not mandatory.  If you want to ride your regular road steed, then have at it.  If you want to put aero tape on your eyebrows, you won't hear me complain.  Snicker perhaps, but complain no.  Distance is 16km so ride hard and ride consistent, there are a few hills in the closing kilometres.  After you finish, it's and easy neutral ride back to the starting area down Lochend and along the 1A.  Be careful with the 1A, it's a busy piece of road at times.  The coarse starts along the 1A heading West.  You turn off the 1A near the top of the Cochrane Hill at retreat road, following the road as it twists back and turns north.  The next and last turn is right onto 262 which takes you to the finish along 262 a kilometre before you reach Lochend Road.
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This is a course we have used many time before and a great way to start the season.  Although it is a simple course, we do require a small number of volunteers to make it all work.  So now the obligatory begging.  If you have a spouse, sibling, hanger-on, parole officer, parent, or publicist that might like to help out, bring em and we'll put them to work.  Mark Perry is handling the organizing but he would also like to Ride so Peter Heinemeyer will run the show.
Finally, we require that all riders are at least secondary members of Crankmasters.  This is a club event and ABA regulations insist that everyone involved is a member of the club.  It's not hard to join, and it's not expensive.  There is a link on this blog to the Crankmasters Site ( where you can do the deed electronically.
I'm sure I've forgotten something so if you have any questions, you can email us or post a comment in this blog and we'll scrape up and answer.  Good luck kids, play safe.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the parking tips.


The Aliens.

aztrpt said...

A question just for absolute clarity: if one is a member of another ABA insured club (e.g. Speed Theory), is it necessary to become a "secondary member" of Crankmasters?

Spirogeek said...

Yup, you would still need to be a member of Crankmasters. We don't charge secondary members for the insurance portion so it is a lower price. It is however, fundamental in the series for us to ensure that it is a 'club event' and as such, is only open to club members. Cheers

Greg Soltys said...

Newbie question :-) all signed up and ready, but do we need to explicitly sign up WNS or do we just show up? Do we need to bring proof of our secondary or STRC primary membership (ie:email)?

Thanks! Looking forward to the TT!


Spirogeek said...

Just show up. We do have somewhat an honour system and we can check the results against our membership list to verify. Should be a good one this week.