Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week 5 - Merckx TT on the Woodland Course

For week 5 we will try to use the original Woodland course. This race is meant for road bikes and non-aero gear. If you want to race your TT bike that's fine but there will be a 10% time penalty.

Time bonus for steel frames and toe clips. 15 second time bonus for anyone wearing a wool jersey. Double points for those riding a Merckx. Triple points, if you are Eddy Merckx.

We will need a few volunteers for this race as I would like to race it. If anyone rides the 1A this weekend or early next week, please leave a comment as to the road conditions.

Standard TT, Woodland Road Course.
Details:  There is some parking near the start of  the race located on the gravel sideroad parallel to highway 1A.  However, we encourage those who can to park in town, or near bearspaw Road and ride to the start.  Spreading out the cars helps with community relations.

We will endeavour to try and start at 6:30pm ish so please try and get there early enough to get signed up and assigned a start number. 

 Distance is 16km so ride hard and ride consistent, there are a few hills in the closing kilometres.  After you finish, it's and easy neutral ride back to the starting area down Lochend and along the 1A.  Be careful with the 1A, it's a busy piece of road at times.  The coarse starts along the 1A heading West.  You turn off the 1A near the top of the Cochrane Hill at retreat road, following the road as it twists back and turns north.  The next and last turn is right onto 262 which takes you to the finish along 262 a kilometre before you reach Lochend Road.
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This is a course we have used many time before but had some construction on it when we tried to us it a few weeks ago.


Trev said...

Just in case you are wondering if I 'missed the memo' on Wed night when I show up in my full race kit. I am racing Wasa Tri this weekend and want to test out my full race kit, so I will take the 10min penalty like Jamie gave me last year!!


Mark said...

We've had a few requests to use TT/Tri bikes for this race. We estimate the penalty will be 5-10% of the finish time but will have to see all the times before we figure it out.

You may be able to offset some of the penalty by using toe clips and a wool jersey.

Marc said...

Hi Mark,

I'll put my hand up to volunteer for tonights race if thats ok?

Marc Enter

Justin said...

I'll volunteer tonight, if needed. Otherwise, I guess I'll race. I'm not sure who/how to contact about volunteering.