Sunday, July 12, 2015

Australian Pursuit WNS Series 2 Week 5

Australian pursuit is a fairly basic concept, the first to the finish line wins. I like the Aussies, so simple. At 6pm on Wednesday July 15/15 sign on will begin at the finish line near Edge School (located near the intersection of Township Rd 250 and Range Rd 33). The pursuit part of Australian Pursuit consists of a time handicap to the B and A groups, therefore the C and ladies group will start first at 6:30pm followed by the B and then the A group at 5 minute intervals.
The actual starting point A on map (Range Road 32 and Township Rd 250) is an easy ride and warmup from the sign on location. The route begins from A with a huge descent to the first turn around (B) at about 7 km. From point B to C on the map is mainly climbing for 2 km. The route turns Right onto Township Rd 251A (Point C on the map). Township Rd 251A is mainly paved except for about 750 meters of ride able gravel. At point D go right and descend to the second turn around (point E) and then ride to the intersection with Township Rd 250 (Point F) go right (take it easy at this turn please, it's a four way stop but hope to have a couple of volunteers there. Follow the route to the final turn around at 7 km and the enjoy the speedy descent back to the school finish line. Just a cautionary note there are jersey barriers (cement blocks) with legs of signage sticking out onto the road way narrowing the road along the Township Rd 250 West of the Springbank Airport, tons of construction signage beforehand will make it difficult to miss. I will update this and all other points of interest at the start line.
The total distance of the race is about 33km (actually closer to 36km) and it offers some very extensive views especially of the road ahead. All racers will be able to see their prey and predators at most times. Once groups join up you are free to ride with any members of the adjoining groups.

If you need to yield to a car,  please yield. Live to race another day. Please follow @WNSrace on twitter.
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