Sunday, July 5, 2015

Springbank Hill Climb

On July 8/15 at 6:05pm sign on will take place at point A (a road side turn out) on Horizon View Rd.
This will also be the staging area until you are second to next in line to start.
The actual starting point will begin nearby on Escarpment Dr.
Race begins at 6:30pm and you will be leaving in 1 minute intervals.
This is a 7.22 km route with a delightful climb and a glorious plateau finish.
At the 2km mark turn right on to Springbank Rd which will mark the beginning of the climbing section.This can be a busy road but has a wide shoulder.
Just over the 3km mark turn right onto Range Rd 25 (please be mindful of the centre line while cornering). Follow Range Rd 25 (Westbluff Rd) as it circles beautifully around to head North.
Just after the 6km turn right onto Springland Manor Dr.
Race ends at the 7.22km mark.
As always if you need to yield to a car just let me know and your time will be adjusted fairly.
Please follow @WNSrace on twitter.
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Jason Dyck said...

I'd like to sign up to race in the Wednesday night series. Can I just pay when I arrive this Wed? Thanks, Jason.

AlanO said...

Hi Jason. Unfortunately, no cash transactions available. If you are currently a member of cycling club you can join Crankmasters on Zone 4 as a secondary member, if not just join as your primary club.