Wednesday, June 25, 2008

10/10 in the Weather Department

Beeeeyooootiful evening. Warm, sunny, and almost windless, is this really Alberta? In June? Anyway, the hardest of our TTs went off without a hitch and despite the smaller turnout the times were suprisingly and impressively quick. The course is hard and at times more of a hillclimb than a traditional TT but that's what racing is all about...variety. The racers left from the meeting spot and rode to the turnaround at Priddis Creek at the bottom of a very nice little hill. From there onwards and upwards back to the finish at the meeting spot. Big thanks to the Big Baguette (Stephen Kenney) for marshaling the turnaround and sweeping up there so everyone got to keep their skin. The results...

1 Cody Godlonton Highwood A 36:32
2 Rick Courtney C4 B 38:00
3 Masa Higuchi Bicisport A 38:09
4 Tamara Salomon Ind C 39:15
5 Darcy Gullacher Bicisport A 40:14
6 Willy Vansevenant Highwood C 40:34
7 Michael Chui Speed Theory B 40:39
8 Norm Smith C4 C 42:38
9 Sandra Yaworski Speed Theory C 45:09
Mark Perry C4 B DNF
V Stephen Kenney Speed Theory A V

Great rides by all and especially Cody, Tamara and Willy who really laid it on the line. Good job guys.
Next week is a pursuit road race where I'll handicap certain (Baguette et al) groups and they'll have to chase down the first starters. I'll try some fancy math to try and get it right but it will be a good chase and a good race anyway. See ya then.

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