Monday, June 9, 2008

This Week's Soggy Outing

Back to TTing this Wednesday but with a different format and at the Priddis Meeting Spot (where we meet for the RRs). 2x10km TTs, once leaving from the meeting spot up to 37th street and the other a return from 37th street back to the meeting spot. I think we'll start the second TT 40 minutes after the first one starts. I'll need just one volunteer to record the times at 37th street and then to start the second TT. They should be short and hard. Hopefully we'll get a window in the weather but we'll try to go even in the rain unless it's looking dangerous. I will also get the series standing up sometime after the TT and I'll finalize the categories.


Lev said...

Thanks. We should race in any weather. Lev

Carolyn said...

Lev, will you clean my bike afterwards? :)