Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dodged a Bullet

Weather bullet that is. Another successful race off and tonight we found out who the real hard men (and women) are. Windy and cold but nothing in the way of rain although we did notice a weird yellowish glowing orb in the sky at times. A particularly cruel format of 2 11.3km TTs, one running up to 37th avenue and the other returning with 30 minutes between starts for the riders which gave them about 14 minutes to build up the lactic acid. However, it went quite well despite the weather and big thanks to Richard Vervoort of Highwood and Rob Woolley of Speed Theory for helping out. Kudos as well to the Speed Theory guys and Carolyn for riding to the race, that was hard core. A special mention to Trev from Speed Theory for trying to find the race although we know it was just the the Big Baguette trying to confuse him and keep the glory for himself. And now to the results....

Pos Name Club Time 1 Time 2 Total Time Cat
1 Stephen Kenney Speed Theory 15:06 19:43 34:49 A
2 Alex Shaw Speed Theory 15:14 20:21 35:35 A
3 Brian Beaulieu C4 15:35 20:57 36:32 B
4 Carolyn Soules C4 15:51 21:05 36:56 B
5 Lev Krivitsky Terrascape 16:43 22:12 38:55 B
6 Lachlan Holmes Speed Theory 15:59 25:14 41:13 A
V Richard Vervoort Highwood V V V B
V Rob Woolley Speed Theory V V V

Three guesses who gets the tailgunner award for tonight. Good job and we'll see you all next week for the road race at the Priddis meeting spot (same as tonight).

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