Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bring a Third Lung

Hard and hilly but like life, it isn't meant to be easy. We will be TTing from the Priddis Meeting Spot (22 and 22x) and like all young men, going west. There will be a turnaround near Priddis Creek so you will have to pay close atention to the turn marshal who may require you to stop. Your time will be adjusted. Other than that there has been a little road patching so there are some small loose rocks but nothing that really presents a problem. Distance will be something like 22k. See ya then.


Trev said...

I added a link to this blog on our site, is this OK ?


Spirogeek said...

Absolutely. We really are trying to do this for the cycling community at large.

Relentless said...

Jamie: I will be coming out to help volunteer tomorrow, leaving my bike at home.
The Big Baguette