Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Action, action, action

Another evening of great racing and finally the weather gods smiled on us and it was fine, just fine. With a preponderance of hammerheads showing up it was guaranteed to exhibit some raciness and it certainly didn't disappoint. Three teams of six were chosen under captains Trev Williams, Alex Shaw, and the Baguette (Stephen Kenney). Format was that the captains results were not recorded but the first three members of their teams would count so it was all about the teamwork. A quick pace set the tone and broke up the pack a bit but a misdierection at one of the corners and a small crash put us under a neutral flag and that brought most fo the group back together and reset the race. After that team tactics ruled and lessons were learned. To my concern there was a good ole mob finish and I could only write down the colours. It was evident from the pattern though that although Cody from Highwood (pink) crossed the line first, it was Baguette's soldiers that carried the day taking the next three spots. Orange (Trev) pipped Alex and the pinkies by a point for second. A good time had by all. I am thinking of replacing the longer road race on July 16th with another one of these races. I like the format. Anyway, here are the results and if I have made a mistake, let me know as I forgot to record the teams before we started and I had to do it on the fly during the race. I'm not stellar with names so please forgive me. And the results...

1st Yellow Bellies
Stephen Kenney Speed Theory A
Lachlan Holmes Speed Theory A
Andrew Wolaniuk Bow A
Chris Lee C4 B
Patrick Brick C4 B
Norm Smith C4 C

2nd OrangeAde
Trev Williams Speed Theory A
Jeff Bell Highwood A
Paul Anderson Speed Theory A
David Morgantini C4 C
Rick Courtney C4 B
Colin Yardy Highwood B

3rd The Pinkies
Alex Shaw Speed Theory A
Cody Godlonton Highwood A
Lev Krivitsky Terrascape A
Mark Perry C4 B
Richard Vervoort Highwood B
Randy Szasz C4 C

Big thanks to volunteers Rob Armstrong and Tamara Salomon for all their help and you guys really help make this run. Next week is a hilly time trial from the Priddis meeting spot (22 and 22x) heading west out 22 to Priddis Creek and back along 22. Bring your legs and a third lung if you can find one.


Lev said...

Thanks to organizers and volunteers for a great race - real fun with the leaders carrying the teams (Alex pulled me all 53k and Trev has demonstrated impressive team tactics. I wish that I had my racing bike tonight and was lesser weakest link :-). Okay, there is always tomorrow...

Jamie, thanks a lot for being to prompt with results, it nice to know whether I was dead last or second from the end :-)

Trev said...

Thanks for hosting these events. This is totally awesome and it was killing me I couldn't partake in the fun in May. I hope to make it out to most of them from now on!

Thanks again!