Monday, July 25, 2011

....just cleared the WADA investigation....

....into the results of last Wednesdays Sprintastic time in Springbank. Clearly Randy's on something, but we couldn't nail him this time. Could be PEDs, could be love of the sport.

Sorry for the delay in results, I left the sheets at work on the weekend, and I didn't quite make it in to grab 'em. The good news is that I got the house pretty much prepped for the renovationsthatneverseemtoend, but the bad nes is that my golf handicap has gone up to 476.

Anyway, it was a really great time out there on Wednesday. The question that I kept getting asked was if i was going to switch directions and go with the wind. What would Jens do? That's all I have to say about that. It's worth the ride into the wind as tactics rules the day more than raw horsepower. It was cool to watch the learning curve that came with experience and fatigue. Quite a few races were won by less than half a wheel, and a couple by a tire. Good thing the photofinish machine was working.

I'll start with the amazing Cs. What can I say other than wow, did they ever give it a try and boy did they learn a few things. Competition was fierce and the final came down to youth vs experience. A how experience did triumph with former pres Randy Szasz schooling Adrian (the youngster) in a close, close final.

The Bs tore it up as well with a mix of watts and experience. Sometimes watts got it done, other times experience and watts got it done. In the end, it was the best combination of both traits that got it done, and Callum got it done over Aaron Prain. The kids are all right.The As were a show of power and experience as the riders tried to sort out how to hang with and hang without eachother. A close finish saw Cody Godlonton bring it home over Brodie Loster in a close final.

All in all a great evening and a neat event. Definitely going on the calendar for next year. Huge props to Ron Fiell for holding again, Rob Lanthier for holding as well, and Peter Heinemeyer for being the starting line general.


Anonymous said...

OK. I'll bite. What is the WADA?

Spirogeek said...

World Anti-Doping Agency. The guys that make sports fun. I believe il Pisotlero has a date in August.

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh Bach! the WADA. I'm drug illiterate. But I apparently should get some.