Monday, July 25, 2011

....police box spotted in Calgary, strange things a foot...

...Have you ever wanted to travel in time? Battle daleks? Visit the end of the universe? Find out where the dolphins went? Watch the daleks battle the dolphins?
Well, here's your chance. I'm looking for a few good time travellers to race man's oldest enemy...time. Maybe second oldest enemy, wolves would have to be first. And snakes, they're right up there too. So if you want to battle time tavelling, wolf riding snakes, then I have the event for you. The 2011 WNS Time Shifter Race Against the Clock. Through long and dedicated scientific research, I've concluded that life appears to peak at 38, and that the ravages to time begin to appear shortly thereafter like a Sontoran invasion. So seeing as nobody I seem to have met is either 909 years old, or has two heads, I'm going to compensate everyone on the descent from that inevitable peak with the most precious gift in the universe.....Time.
So when you register for the race this Wednesday, you'll have to tell me (in complete confidence of course), the number of months you are older or younger than 38. Your time will adjusted accordingly. In addition, the Cs and Bs will get a few precious seconds, as will the double Xers, Merckxers, and gingers. We'll age grade the TT and see exactly who is living up to their potential in a relativistic kind of way.
The race is this Wednesday the 27th at the olde Dunbow Road course. While we haven't used this course in a while, it is a good course to tune up for the upcoming provincial TT as we'll go the full 20km.
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Parking at the start is not a great idea, but as with other races, we encourage riding to the event or there is plenty of parking on the surrounding sideroads, especially along Range Road 294 which is the first right off Dunbow after you pass Deerfoot Trail heading east. The start is a couple of hundred metres farther up by the first road on the left heading east. The course is a simple out and back and as usual, I could use a couple of helpers. We'll get the first riders off shortly after 6:30.
I'll be there early (or have I already been there and back and even know who wins. Congrats ... ) in my Toyota which I assure you is the same size on the inside as it is on the outside and has a very high, almost infinite probability of getting me there.


Rick C said...

Couldn't make it, but have you seen this?

Spirogeek said...

Yeah, that was my best reference for the times. I actually dialled it back a little as it's pretty generous. A club in Owen Sound has a caluclator that uses the veterans time table. I also compared gender data for that delts based on analysis of nationals results and di the Merckx correction based on comparing the time differences in various time trials.