Thursday, July 7, 2011


What a fun night. It was a stunner of an evening in the hills, with fairly calm winds, beeeyooooootiful temperature, and nary a cloud in sight. The mountains were pretty spectacular looking to boot. This is probably my favourite race of the year. On to the results...
In the A category, I was thrilled to see Harley back and in form. I almost didn't recognize him as I was expecting some kind of scratched up mess. He looked just fine. Ladies take note. Joining Harley were eight other racers as they tackled the full meal deal course of 51 kilometres of flats and hills. From where I sat, it looked all nice and orderly until the first ascent of Mount 'whatever it's named' where the group started to come apart. From my vantage at the summit it looked like Trev had opened it up and shattered the group. On the way back up the hill he looked like he was in a league of his own. I shall call it Mount Williams in honour of the man who defeated it. At least until next year. The finish was fairly spread out with Trev finishing, making a sandwich, having a bath, doing his taxes, and sequencing a genome before Stuart rumbled in. And for Stuart and third place Brodie, their performance was exceptional. The rest of the crew followed, reasonably humbled after a hard night of racing.

In the B category, mystery surrounded the C4 guys that appeared a little tardy to the start, and from all accounts they had been working on some kind of secret plan. It didn't work. What did work in the end was a little combination of luck and hard riding. Callum Galbraith came back from the split of the main graoup on the climb to claim a tight victory over Andrew Paul, Dan Barker, and Alan Oickle.

In the C category, we had us some fireworks. In lieu of a photo finish, I just blinked my eyes real fast. Upon reviewing the captured images, Shawna Donaldson prevailed over Adres, Lewis, and Willy. Images will not be available for the race jury, you'll have to take my word for it.
All in all, it was a great night, and a big thanks to the cvolunteers that made it all work: Sue and Andy Hill, Ania Bergmann, and Mike Urqhart.

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