Friday, July 29, 2011

Setting the Standard...

...and showing the whipper snappers a thing or two. Well, we dodged the worst of the storm and were victim of only a decent rain shower on Wednesday night for our 20km age graded time trial spectacular. In a twist that we telegraphed about as well as a Shamalyman justedplot twist, wenot only age graded the results utilizing British cyclings vetrans tables but we made allowancefor those brave souls Merckxing it as well as the double Xers. And we always knewBruce Willis was dead all along and that the village was just a rural throwback sociologicalexperiment. On the other hand, who knew that aliens disliked water so much. If they show up, I'm headed to Vancouver.
Anyway, for the most part, raw speed ruled the day but the age grading of which I applied a slightly less gernerous advantage (due to the vigour and hardiness of us Canadians). In the end, it was Rob Schuhart pulling out the age adjusted win over the big man, Paul Rosenberg who blistered the course in a non adjusted 29 flat. Cody Godlonton took third overall and was just 9 seconds behind Paul on the road at the end of the day. Big thanks to the volunteers who braved the rain to help out, including Peter Heinemeyer (again), Callum Galbraith and Tom Kenney who wore a skinsuit to help out and looked fast standing still. I have included the adjusted results as well as a table of the adjustments to see how it changed things. Oddly more than half of the riders were within 2 years of eachother so for the most part the road times held. I'll investigate more before we do it again next year but food for thought. You're all fast in my books.

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Rick C said...

Now the computer programming is complete, it would be possible to present dual results for all TTs, eh? Give us more mature racers an added incentive?