Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 16, 2014 - COP Hill Climb Time Trial

Only 1 Volunteer needed to help! Click here if you or a friend can help out.

Course Description:
Next week's race will continue with the theme of climbing! This is a 1.2km short but painful lung busting hill climb. You won't' need any aero gear for this. Who knew such a short distance could be so painful? Course is fairly straightforward. It starts from the bottom of COP and ends up at the top. The course is also used for the Tour de Bowness Hill Climb race in a couple of weeks, so you might as well prepare for it now. I won't be weighing your bike for UCI compliance rules, just saying.

Race Format:
This is a time trial so it will be you against the clock and the hill. There will be two heats you compete in. You will start at the same time with 2 other people from your category. Remember to always keep to the right. For the second heat, you will start with those closest to your time based off of the first heat regardless of category.

Parking and Start time:
Be here by 6:45pm to sign-in. First group will start at 7pm. Please do NOT park in any of the COP parking facilities. A better idea is simply to ride to COP.



JennyT said...

This is also the prologue for the TOA! Looking forward to it!

Ian Parker said...

Am interested in the COP Hill-Climb, July 16th.
Looking to confirm that with an ABA membership and also being a CycleMeisters member that I can participate. Do I need to do anything else other than the Waiver.??
Looking forward to getting whipped.
Ian Parker

Peter Heinemeyer said...

You have to be a primary or secondary member of Crankmasters. Look online at, and the karelo link.

Richard Cound said...

Suggestion as to where to park?

Ian Parker said...


Am now a Secondary Member ...Done.