Saturday, July 26, 2014

Springbank Circuit Race July 30

Let's get the third series started with a 5 k circuit race out in Springbank. The A and B cats can do 8 loops and the C can do 6. Or we can switch it up a bit depending on how many show up. May be good warm up for Tour de Bowness, maybe not. Anyway please show up around 6 pm to 6:20 pm in the parking lot of the Springbank Rec centre on Springbank Road and Range Road 33 for sign on. The circuit, shown on the map below is right across the road. The start/finish is on Range Road 34. We will try to start by 6:40 pm.

It's a gently rolling course on mostly quiet rural roads. I was out there today and there is only one corner that needs a bit of sweeping and I will try to do that on Wednesday before the race. However if any of you are bored, please go out there to the turn onto Range Road 34 from Springbank Road and sweep. Yea right!

There will be a couple of rules enforced, one is that while on Springbank Road heading west on the circuit for one mile, SINGLE FILE, NO PASSING. Rule 2 is that anyone using the entire road and more than one lane while making any of the turns will also be DQ. The 4 corners are safe as long as you exercise a bit of care.

I will need 3 volunteers


ECosman said...

Mike, I can volunteer.

Tom Kenny said...

I'll volunteer as well Mike.


steven waters said...

Mike - I can volunteer.


Glenn M said...

Looks like you have your three volunteers. I signed up on the Crankmaster volunteer page, which shows me as the only one so far. Must be a glitch in the coordination. Nevertheless, I'll show up and you can put me to work.