Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RESULTS - Series 2 / Stage 1 : Super Crit

Happy Canada Day road rippers!
This will be the first of a double post today, so be sure to check out details of tomorrow night’s race following this post…

It was a fantastic evening last week with a great turnout and perfect conditions! Here are the much anticipated results from the Super Crit. Both races were tight at the finish, so if you spot a mistake please let me know in the comment section below :D
RACE #1 - Category C / Women's
Daniel GregoireC4C1  
Todd WilsonSpeed Theory"""C""2 Prime Winner!
Jeff MilesC4C3  
Lewis GittlemanC4C4  
Ron FielC4C5  
John CoundC4C6  
Dawn HeinemyerC4C - Womens7 + Top Woman W-Prime Winner!
Blake BartlettSpeed TheoryC8  
Chris DevriesSpeed TheoryC9  
Jenn TurcottSpeed TheoryC-  
Tania KingwellCrave RacingC-  
Lisa IsleyCrave RacingC-  
Tessa PagalilavanCrave RacingC-  
Shannon GordonCrave RacingC-  
Willie VansevenantNatural HighC-  
Carl MillerSpeed TheoryC-  
Rod SchuhartC4C-  
Brad BarronC4C-  
RACE #2 - Category A / B
Cody GodlontonNiklas GroupA1  
Michael HoangPelotonB2  
Dale HilebrandSpeed Theory"""B""3  
Bryon HowardNiklas GroupA4  
Adam PughSpeed TheoryB5 Prime Winner!
Suchaet BhardwajSpeed TheoryB6  
Dan AlboiuSpeed TheoryB7  
Glen MilesC4B8  
Carl MillerSpeed TheoryB9  
Meghan BrownBiciSportBTop Woman W-Prime Winner!
Carlos BonilaNiklas GroupB-  
Ernie CosmanSpeed TheoryB-  
Clarence PoonSpeed TheoryB-  
Andres PerdonaSpeed TheoryB-  
Darrel BeatieSpeed TheoryB-  
Andrew PlattenC4B-  
Brent ThumlentSpeed TheoryB-  
Rob CrooksSpeed TheoryB-  
Callum GalbraithSpeed TheoryB-  
Jean GarezSpeed TheoryB-  
Chuck JohnstonSpeed TheoryB-  
Robert Starkey(Organizer)    
Peter Heinemyer (Commissaire)    
Grant Los     
Carlos Bonila     
Cody Godlonton    


Carl Miiller said...

Hi rob,
I was in the B race.

Carl Miiller

Anonymous said...

Spelling correction for my name:
- Dan Alboiu instead of Dan Aboie