Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Series 2 / Stage 2 - July 2, 2014: [Uphill-ish] Springbank TT

Alright if the suspense is killing you, the wait is over! Here are all the deets for Stage#2....

Unlike last week’s handle bar-to-handle bar action, tomorrow night you’ll be racing against the clock on a fiendish 4.4km TT course that’s partly uphill, partly flat, and completely lung busting! 

Some of you may remember this from the Jason Lapierre portion of the AB Superweek a couple years ago, and can attest that it’s a challenging yet seriously fun route. To go fast here will require a little more pacing strategy than your typical pure flat or pure uphill TT...so we’re giving you not one, but two chances to get it right ;)

Check Out the Race Course Below:

View 2014 WNS - Springbank Uphill TT (4.4km) in a larger map

Race Start & Finish:
The race Start is located near the intersection of Horizontal View Rd & Escarpment Drive. You will follow the windy Escarpment Dr making a RIGHT back to Springbank Rd where you will make RIGHT onto Westbluff Rd for a straight flat sprint to the Finish.

Here’s how tomorrow’s race will go down…

6:00 - 6:30pm: CHECK-IN -  Will be next to the start line. Here you will be given your start time for the first heat, and estimated start time for the second heat. After this feel free to pre-ride the course. Be mindful of any traffic on Springbank Rd.

6:35pm - GET TO START LINE. Clear race course and meet at the Start line. Here you’ll receive final instructions for your first TT.

6:40pm - HEAT#1 BEGINS! Riders will go off at either 30 or 60sec increments. Remember your start time! If you miss your time, you will scratch this heat - lame. GIVER!

***Following this race, CAREFULLY make your way back to the start. Riders will go off in the same order***

7:15pm - HEAT#2 BEGINS! Same as above. Deep breaths now...last chance to throw down! 

Race times will be collected at the top of the course. The best of the two will go towards the rankings, and will be the one to brag about on Strava & Facebook.

There will be ample parking at the Springbank Community High school [about 5-10min ride from the Start]

As always, volunteers are hugely appreciated. For tomorrow's race we will need 2-3 more to help marshall the corner on Springbank Rd and to assist with timing at the top. We'll also have a few cold bevies and snacks for you any volunteers courtesy of Market 17 and JWebb Wines...so let me know if you can help :)

That’s it, that’s all. Weather should be amazing!




mikehealy said...

Rob, i think it should be 2 RIGHT turns, not 2 LEFT turns???

Anonymous said...

Ha! You are totally correct. Good catch, thanks Mike

JennyT said...

Hi Rob. I will come out to volunteer since I hurt my knees at the Badlands Fondo.

I will actually end up with points if I volunteer! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny :)

Todd W said...

Thanks Rob et al for organizing another super fun (and painful) evening!!

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Cd Wallace said...

Thanks of course for putting on the WNS; but could you maybe post what the next event will be before the day of it? Some of us need to make arrangements ahead of time.... thanks