Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Series 2 / Stage 3 - July 9, 2014: Road Race (Team Challenge)

Alright dudes (& dudettes),
I reckon it's about time we had a proper road race, no? Tomorrow night we're bringing back a bit of a classic - the Team Road Race! 

For the uninitiated...we simply divide the riders into a fairly evenly mixed few teams based on category, club, and favourite ice-cream flavour. Each team’s goal is to get the bulk of their riders over the line before the other teams. In other words, it's not which team can get one rider over first but rather who can get most of their riders over before the other teams. 

The Route:
The course is a hilly 50km loop following what many of you know to be "The Road to Nepal". The Start / Finish line will be located on 37th Street SW, just South of Hwy 22x. The course will be ridden clockwise to minimize lane crossings and will have pylons and/or a corner marshall making sure you don’t get lost.

Check out the Map Below:

Race Sign-on & Start:
The race will commence at 6:45pm to allow extra time for people to get to the course. Race sign on will be at the parking area from 6:00-6:40pm.

Parking is located near the Start line on the Hwy 22x East / West divider (marked by the green square on the map!). 

We can certainly use an extra 1-2 volunteers to help at the finish line or marshall a corner. As usual I’ll have some cold drinks and snacks on hand for volunteers…who knows we may have a few cold beers waiting for you as well…Let me know if you can help out :)

This race format is seriously fun, so you don't want to miss it...oh and weather is gonna be awesome!!


Chuck J said...

I don't see a start time anywhere, what time should we be there?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chuck, I must have deleted the start time details when I updated the blog. Details are up again! Start time is 6:45pm and race sign-up is 6:00-6:40pm.

Callum said...

I will be volunteering tonight. See you there!

Anonymous said...

Cheers, thanks Callum!

lewisgitelman said...

The route should turn right/north on 192 at Millarville race track to avoid north on 22

Slayer Dan said...

Hope the guys that had the accident are okay. Speedy recovery to all.

Ken Erdman said...

Mike: sorry you had that crash last night; you were a rocket and very supportive within our 5 man team; I wish you the very best and hope you post a note that you are OK. I was beside the guy that went down in front of you; saw that initial crash 3 feet away; and then heard yours. Yikes.