Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RESULTS - Series 2 / Stage 3 - July 9, 2014: Team Road Race

Here are the results from last week's Team Road Race. Due to the unfortunate crash on the latter section of the course which skewed results slightly, all riders will be given the same number of points.
RESULTS - 2014 WNS - Series 2 / Stage 3: Team Road Race (errr... TTT)     
Willie VansevenantNatural HighC11:45:17 (5th)5
Blake BartlettSTC1**crashed - same time5
Ania BergmannBici SportC1-5
Brad BarronC4C1-5
Mike HealySTB1-5
Adam PughSTB1-5
Ken ErdmanSTC21:37:35 (1st)5
Mike PascoeEndurance 4 LifeB2**crashed - same time5
Karel BergmannPeleton A2-5
Cody GodlontonNiklas GroupA2-5
Mike WaldhueberPeloton A2-5
Jean GarezSTC31:38:45 (2nd)5
Dawn HeinemeyerC4C3-5
Dan AboiuSTB3-5
Ryan BarrNiklas GroupB3-5
Dan SigovinSTB3-5
Lewis GitlemanC4C3-5
Steven KennySTB41:41:30 (3rd)5
Walter LeopkyTCRB4 5
Clarence PoonSTB4 5
Ron FielC4C4 5
Carlos BonillaNiklas GroupB4 5
Tom KennySTB51:42:40 (4th)5
Andreas PerdomoSTB5 5
Darryl BeattySTB5 5
Darcy GullacherSTB5 5
Lee NelsonC4C5 5

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