Friday, June 17, 2011

...bowties are cool...

...and so are raincoats. Glad I had one on Wednesday but I'm not sure the riders noticed. They all came in with purplish red leggings. Funny, they didn't start out that way, but hey, perhaps there was a roadside vendor of some sort. Anyway, it was kind of alternating between sunshine (and lollypops) and rainshine (tm). A perfect October day and even the local rancher's were wearing jaunty scarves.
On to the results... Line honours went to Wayde Bymoen, but his tri rig attracted an appropriate modification of his result (based on the Socal TT calculations) and he slid to fourth. He did however impress us with brickisizing the outing and we can forgive him his Triathlete ways. Andrew Paul brought it home followed by Karel and Mike in A, with Callum Galbraith edging Walter and Allan in B. Riding well, Tomo Tsuchida took Willy and David for the points in C.

Props to the volunteers that made it all go. Rob lanthier, Thomas Yip, and Clarence Poon all lent a hand so thanks guys I appreciate it.
I think next week is looking like a Road Race somewhere down south until i can get a good course scouted in the north. We'll use the Mark perry Rectangle that we introduced last year and was well recieved. Details will follow and if anyone else has any really good ideas for a course (road or TT), shoot me an email and I'll giver 'er a scout. Avoid needy Daleks and play safe.


Steve P said...

Oickle, you feind! I should have clipped in faster.

Thanks again to the volunteers!

Karel said...

I thought Highway 66 was a fun venue last year, wouldn't mind doing that one again.

Rick C said...

I finally posted the photos from Jun 8 here:

Help yourself.

Spirogeek said...

You bet Karel, that course will be back in early July.