Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Results from Millarville

We had almost ideal conditions for racing Wednesday evening down in Millarville. Not much for a tailwind I think, maybe a slight assist. The plan was to lay out a 10 k route, in the end I believe it was about 9.3 k. Several racers averaged above 45 kmh, did we get a 50 kmh average? I think Trev must have been close. Lots of interesting equipment choices out there ranging from full aero to old school. Congratulations to all the Alberta Games 55+ qualifiers, Rick came close to the fastest time of the night and represented the 55+ group very well.

Volunteers were in short supply, Trev was very kind to leave his bike aside till the end and help. Thanks also to Peter Hernemeyer for helping out. As this was the first time using this road for a race your comments would be appreciated, should we use it again, was it too far out of town? Was 10 k too short?


Rick C said...

I don't think this route by itself is a great race, but it does suggest alternatives going north to Plummers road as part of a larger loop than the double loop we do now. Don't know what the total km are though.

Tom said...

The drive was too far for me. Two hours of driving for 13 minutes of racing (yes 13 minutes, I'm slow). The ration is not so good.
Closer to town would be better in my opinion. Nice road though, very scenic and quiet.