Monday, June 20, 2011

...The long awaited AWSMSSCWNSSHBDFRR....

...With pseudosummer now behind us, we thought that it would be good to celebrate the not quite few minutes of good weather we almost did enjoy with a road race on nearly the longest day of this so-called year. Well, I can't argue that it actually a year, what with the sun going around the earth and everything (thanks Ptolemy for your Wikipedia page on that one). While trying to come up with a catchy name for the race I was drawn to the radio and a report on what could possibly be the most important dignitary to visit Calgary since Magellan ... William Shatner.While I didn't join the throngs of single guys out to see the royal thespian, I did feel that we should mark his visit by naming the race after him. So I present the Annual William Shatner Memorial Summer Solstice Crankmasters Wednesday Night Series Slightly Hilly But Doable Fun Road Race or AWSMSSCWNSSHBDFRR for short.
The AWSMSSCWNSSHBDFRR will take off from our Hwy 22, and 22X meeting space which has been chosen due to the proximity to the observatory which serves as the inspiration for the planet Deneva and those devious ameobas. The route is one that we've enjoyed before and was introduced last year by Mark Perry who was trumped in the naming by Sir William Shatner, P.hd (Hon), M.Sc. (Hon), B.Sc. (Hon). We'll race up 22X from the meeting point about a kilometre before turning right on to Range Road 30 and bearing south (Warp Factor 5 or 6ish) for about 10 kilometres. We'll then turn right at the stop sign at Township Road 214 (274 Avenue) and head down the hill for a kilometre or so to 22X where we'll turn right and fire back to the start for another lap.

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We'll agree on the number of 22.5km laps for each category on the night of the race. Rest assured that it should be Goldilocks all the way (not too long, not too short). We'll finish at the uncharted road just past the observatory on the way back to the meeting spot. Of course, I could use a volunteer or two to make it run so stop by your nearest planet of the way and pick up a reasonably competant and adventurous biped who wants to see the universe or at least a small portion of the Municipal District of Foothills No. 31. Please, no blue people, I was once jumped by two Blue Man Group Groupies after a show in Vegas. It was worse than the time that Scott Baio wouldn't leave me alone at a Denny's in Cleveland.


Anonymous said...

Jamie I mean Spock,
I can volunteer this week. I'll wear a blue ensign uniform. You know the guy who beems to the planet with a diferent uniform and is immediatly consumed by the alien monster. Kirk, Spock and Sulu will all be wearing the same colored uniform. All three will get lucky with the green, three boobied alien chick.


Red Baron said...

Looking for a volunteer - I'll bite. I'm in town for a couple of weeks and plan on going out this Wednesday to meet Mark Perry.


Spirogeek said...

Awesome guys. Looks like the weather might be a repeat of last year which was ... ahem ... interesting. Actually it was quite fun and a good course.

Harley Borlee said...

I assume it is a 6:30 start time???

Spirogeek said...

Yup, probably should have mentioned that. Actually I'll probably get things rolling at 6:45. Of course the common way to refer to it is as Stardate 64939.1