Friday, June 24, 2011

Disaster averted, the Enterprise survives ...

... and the red shirts live another day. you know the guys, the crewmembers with red shirts, no last names, and a limited lifespan. They guys that get crushed by rocks, or bitten by Sulu or something like that. Anyway, this is the results post, the Captain's log will follow as the next post.
The A results, as presented by Emmy award winning actor, author and humanitarian Wil Wheaton....
"It looks like the USS Highwood's Lt. Godlonton was caught in a Bici sandwich between Starfleet tranfers Campbell and Walsh. Man, I like sandwiches. Yup, that and D & D."

The B results, as brought to you by the star of critic's choice Reading Rainbow, one heck of a helmsman, and Richard Burton's son, LeVar Burton.
"Recently promoted ensign Bergmann kept the impulse drives floored distancing himself from the pursuing clutches of the wiley Lt. Barker, and ahead of the mavericky and oft misunderstood head of engineering Lt. Galbraith. Hey Wil, I like sandwiches too, wanna grab one at the Pasedena Chili's after this reading?"

"Leave me alone LeVar."

The C results, read in an unnecessarily deep and gravelly voice by star of stage and screen, former countertenor, Michael Dorn.
"Captian Donaldson of the USS Bow was pipped at the line by about a quadrant by the upstart Lt. Lung and ahead of newly arrived Lt. Tsuchida. While your victory was impressive Lung, we'll see how you do in B next time. Hey LeVar, I could sure go for a sandwich, wanna get one?"


And so we've revealed the disfunction in the TNG cast and touched on some of the fundamental questions of the universe, like how to thank volunteers, Geno Wendland and Peter Heinemeyer, and all those that helped out with the whole fight on the planet crashy thing including Dan Sigouin and his trusty shuttle.
While I try to sound all relaxed, philosophical, and profound as I dictate an essentially meaningless summary of my adventures to basically a cardboard wall, some flashing lights, while looking at a styrofoam planet, I can't help but think of two things... I wonder if I can get the number of the girl that played the third green alien? And are there any sandwiches on the craft table?


Anonymous said...

You might have Mike Healy and Mike Huang backwards. Mike Huang dropped back to pull me in with his tractor beam after my warp core imploded trying to catch the main fleet.

Spirogeek said...

Duly noted. I'm swamped by Mike H's, every planet seems to have a few.

Rick C said...

So can I race B and use those for points in A? Just asking as it seems to work for some and I'm not getting any younger. That A race was pretty intense.

Spirogeek said...

My fault, I usually don't let people race down unless the race is super hard. I gave them points as the last two finishers in A. Not a point gain then as it's what you'd have gotten for just finishing A.

Rick C said...

Complicated, but logical Mr. Spock.