Thursday, July 4, 2013

Results July 3, 2013

Here are the points from last night. Let me know of any issues. Peter will fix any names spelled incorrectly in the official rankings. Lots of points last night! Thanks to the volunteers: Ernie Cosman: Connie (Cory Davis), Luisa (Andres Perdomo).

#Name TimePointsRR PointsTotal
1Michael Persson3:3810919
2Ferenc Jasco4:074610
3Martin Dodd4:104913
4Michael Scheck4:045914
5Cody Godlonton3:536612
6Marc Enter4:113912
7Cory Davis3:407916
11Pat Weinmayr4:086612
12John King4:442911
13Justin Siemens5:022911
15Gabriel Ollivier4:52268
16Neil Evans4:079918
17Walter Loeppky4:47268
18Brent Thumlert4:079918
19Daryl Beatty5:152911
20Dan Albiou4:49268
21Norm Smith5:002911
22Steve Manning4:402911
23Pat Donnelly4:40268
24Dan Barker4:402911
25Carlos Bonilla4:472911
26Eric Wong4:334610
27Tom Kenny4:353912
28Alan Oickle4:225914
29Glenn Miles4:58268
30Eric Loewen4:254913
31Ron Fiell5:44459
32Willie Vansevenant5:295611
33Jenn Turcotte6:29448
34Andres Perdomo 4:378917
35Clarence Poon5:096511
36Thomas Hansen4:1710919

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Andres Perdomo said...

Could you please fix my last name is Perdomo