Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Series 3 / Week 3 - RESULTS - July 31, 2013

I know that cycling uphill is not everyone's favorite activity, but it was for 19 riders!  What a gruelling night.  Lots of panting at the top of this hill climb, with riders barely able to yell their starting numbers. 

Special thanks to Team Niklas for hosting this race.

Race Coordinator: Cody Godlonton

Here are the results:

NameClubLap 1Lap 2AverageBonus/
Evan BayerTeam Niklas09:34:0009:42:0009:38:00Bonus23
Rainer PaauweSpeed Theory10:53:0011:08:0011:00:30 15
Isaac BeallSpeed Theory11:13:0011:18:0011:15:30 12
NameClubLap 1Lap 2AverageBonus/
Jeremy KitsonC411:07:0010:53:0011:00:00 20
Brent ThumlertSpeed Theory11:25:0011:47:0011:36:00 15
Steve WatersSpeed Theory12:29::0012:55:0012:42:00 12
Callum GalbraithC413:40:0012:43:0013:11:30 10
Glenn MilesC413:40:0013:21:0013:30:30 9
Mike HealySpeed Theory14:21:0015:04:0014:42:30 8
NameClubLap 1Lap 2AverageBonus/
Jean GarezSpeed Theory12:25:0012:42:0012:33:30 20
Andreas PerdemoSpeed Theory12:22:0012:49:0012:35:30Louisa20
Ernie CosmanSpeed Theory13:08:0012:51:0012:59:30 12
Dan AlbiouSpeed Theory12:58:0013:11:0013:04:30 10
Blake BartettSpeed Theory13:06:0013:32:0013:19:00 9
Dawn HeinemeyerC413:24:0013:49:0013:36:30Peter13
Willy Van SevenantNatural High13:23:0014:07:0013:45:00 7
Rod SchuartC414:12:0014:13:0014:12:30 6
Maryanne KnightC414:24:0015:17:0014:50:30 5
Jenn TurcottSpeed Theory16:00:0016:53:0016:26:30 4

We had an extraordinary turnout of volunteers.  Maybe the hill climb had something to do with that?  Humm....  Anyway, volunteers are always awarded 5 points.

Volunteers Group Club Points
Carlos Bonela A Team Niklas 5
Martin Todd A C4 5
Cory Davis A C4 5
Lewis Gitelman C C4 5
Cody Godlonton A Team Niklas 5
Michael Scheck A C4 5
Jenna and Dryden Godlonton


Reinier Paauwe said...

Thanks for organizing, it was definitely gruelling!
I think my first time was wrong though, according to strava/garmin I was 11s faster than my 2nd time:

Cody Godlonton said...

Thanks Reinier for the info. I see the mix up. Sorry about that.

Cody Godlonton said...

And if anyone wants their finish line pic (they are awesome) send me an e-mail with some descriptive details and I will send yours.

Peter Heinemeyer said...

TImes were updated since original post.