Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Team Road Race Results

I got clear video of the finish, Blue team and Yellow team is honestly too close to call for the win so they will tie with Red in third place. The video is excellent with some of you guys screaming and taking up several lanes of Highway 22 for the sprint. If anyone wants the raw video to edit it down to something useful let me know. I can almost post the full order of everyone's finish but I don't think I will. If you want to know your place, add a comment below. 9 points for everyone on Blue and Yellow teams, 6 points to everyone on Red team plus your individual points for the prologue.

I will also post up the prologue results tomorrow, a great night of racing!


Justin said...
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Justin said...

A big thanks to Ernie who came back to pick me up after a stupid crash! Thanks, also, to the rider(s) who let Ernie know that I was down and out. Even the morning after, the injuries are relatively insignificant.

Thank you as well to the strong riders on the blue team who were keeping track of me on the ride and making sure I was hanging on to the group. Also, to Norm (I think that was his name) who was trying to help me catch back on just before I soloed my way into the pavement.

The bike, however, needs a new rear derailleur as the cage is snapped on one side. A little bar tape and a replacement spoke on top of it and all will be good as new!